I still hide you

I still hide you in my poetry
I still hide you in my words
I still frame you round the syllables
That I once softly spoke and you once heard
I'm still enslaved by your memory
Still in rapture at your smile
My heart still beats a little faster
With that gentle flicker of desire
I still catch your scent at times
It still lingers faintly in the air
I still greet you in my dreams most nights
Waking cold and clammy with despair
I still love you like I always have
But it's simply not the same
Now that love runs through my art
And no longer through my veins



I can see the sky is grieving

Your departure's gone and left it grey

And all the bitter rain that keeps on falling

Only serves to reflect the tears cried every day

The leaves have all turned ashen

Your absence rotted every one

It seems our summer's died a death

And our spring may never come




I broke myself
I broke myself again
but this time, there was no way to mend
all the pieces lay on the ground
all the fragments that could be found
bitter longings left behind
washed away by tears of mine
I am lost with no direction
stranded in the midst of my own creation
there was never hope for me
just a mirage of faux happy