You Were The Salt And I Was The Sea: A poetry exhibition written and curated by myself and held at Two Planets, Berlin. A collection of hand-typed and framed poetry, on the subject of love and loss, which ran for the month of March, 2016. On the night of the vernissage, hot chocolates were served, along with vegan doughnuts courtesy of Brammibals, whilst everyone heard a reading by myself and six other willing volunteers. Half the pieces sold opening night and the event was photographed by the very talented Andreas Bohlender.



Let’s Just Be Friends: A zine on the perils of modern dating, collaboratively created with illustrations by Katie Chappell, words by myself and Hannah Graves, along with contributions by the heart bruised public. Limited print, distributed by AKA Tattoo Studio, Berlin and sold out on the launch night. Read a copy HERE.

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Web copy written for Mindful Recruitment Solutions Ltd.


Interviewed by the lovely Sophie for Soul Craft. Full interview HERE.