I think of astrology as the flatpack manual Ikea hands out with a box of spare parts they insist will one day be a coffee table. It speaks in code and is so complicated, that halfway through you give up, make a cup of tea and consider throwing out what has now come to resemble an art instillation taking up space on your living room floor.

Yet, the more obnoxious cheap pieces of furniture you put together, the more you find yourself decoding jargan you honestly thought was made up by bored Swedish people, trying to fuck with you. And suddenly, you’re whipping up wardrobes like you’re Geppetto.

Astrology has so many layers, that the more you dig, the more detail emerges and you start to understand your own subtle complexities in such a way, that it suddenly makes sense how you can be so utterly flaky when it comes to your relationships and yet so painfully focused when it comes to work. Or why you’ve always had this unnerving call towards being in the spotlight even though you’re shy as hell!

Natal Charts are like the DNA guidebook most of us aren’t aware we have. They reveal so much about our character, our deep-seated wounds, our lessons, and our calling. When we delve in and learn to decode it, bit-by-bit, we equip ourselves with the power to know not just what we’re working with, but how best to use it. And let’s face it, we all want to be the best version of ourselves and get the most out of life whilst we’re here and how better to do that, than to start by understanding what tools we have at our disposal and what we need to work through and overcome.