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If feels oddly surreal to be back in England, back in Kent.  The last time I was here, it was Christmas.  The sky at the time was ominously dark, for what felt like most of the duration, there had been a bitter chill in the air, which had cut through me and made my need for a coat more of a desperation and the rain, well...I look around and whilst the conditions have improved, the sense of timing is much the same.  Staying with Charlotte, catching up with other close friends and visiting Mère and Mr Pig, it feels as though I were only here a week ago, not nine months.

My entire life, all my worldly possessions, bar what I carry around with me, in Sir Fleming's loaned carry-on, fits into three reasonably sized boxes and one suitcase, which are all stored at Mère's.  During my first weekend here in England, I popped over for the day, to delve into my things and pick out the odd bits I'd been missing and wanted to take back home with me to Germany.  It was honestly like going through a treasure chest.  There were so many things I'd forgotten about, which, I guess to some extent, says a lot about how much of what we seem to hold on to, we could probably live without.

I picked out my favourite book; The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, by Eva Rice, which I treasure beyond compare.  I first read it when I was eighteen and have read it every winter since.  In fact, it is the only book that I have ever re-read, which I think says a lot.  Because I have such a tradition of reading it at this time of year, I have been craving its words and so, I knew it had to be the first thing I rescued from those boxes.

I also grabbed my pointe shoes, as I managed to find an English speaking ballet class in Prenzlauer Berg, which I am desperate to sign up to.  Although, when I'll start that, I don't know!  Most excitedly though, I got to soak up all of my jewellery!  I've felt awfully naked this past year.  I only took my watch and my favourite necklace out traveling with me last July and within about four months, both ended up broken!  However, now that I'm not bustin' my ass in a carob field anymore, I figured it was safe to bring some other treasures home with me, so both my YSL Arty ring and my vintage Chanel brooch are now back into daily circulation.  It's surprising what a difference a little sparkle can make to both an outfit and my mood.

I still have some time left here in England and I am attempting to get as much work done as possible, as well as fitting in seeing as many friends as I can, whilst I have the opportunity!  Then, at the crack of dawn on Thursday, I shall be flitting off on a plane over to France for a week or so, to see another one of my favourites, before finally going home to Berlin.  It will most definitely have been a busy October!  I cannot even believe that it's nearly Christmas already.  I don't know where the past year has gone, it just blitzed right by!

How has your October been thus far?  Are you getting excited for Christmas yet?

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