{Insightful Sunday} Take Courage.

Even when you're as unattached and flighty as me, it can be surprising how easy it is to get caught up in the daily grind of things and lose focus.  I for one, had certainly seen myself fall off track over the past few months and had unfortunately ended up sucked into the chaotic vortex of routine in Berlin.  All of the passion I'd inherited during the start of my travels, had slowly petered out over time to such an extent, that I almost found myself climbing back into the same cage I'd courageously managed to escape from, when I left England fourteen months ago!

Being back in the temporary bosom of Kent, whilst not initially something I craved, has ended up being a real eye opener for me.  Being able to catch up with some of my wonderful friends and witnessing how many of them are finally starting to break out of their own shells and start following their real passions and their hearts, it's really made me smile and acted to re-inspire me.  Sometimes, when we shake off the shackles and run free into the woods, we can't help but get a little lost along the way, distracted by creatures that appear and paths that open up.  Sometimes, we need a little reminder of where we're going.  This has certainly been that.

I've always said that being yourself is the most important thing.  Living authentically.  Doing what's right for you as an individual.  Doing things for the right reasons and out of love, not fear or hate.  Putting good energy out there, for yourself and for others, is important when you consider that what goes around comes back around.  Although, I know only too well that at times this can be hard, especially when not everyone knows who they are and in some cases, not everyone is ready to even be who they are.  They can sometimes be the folks who have a tendency to project their fear and negativity onto you, in an attempt to bring you down, because they're not quite ready to get up yet.

Sometimes, in the end, it's those people that you realise you're fighting for.  If you've got the courage to let your freak flag fly and be proud of it, no matter what, it helps to show them that they can too.  They need to be encouraged to dream big, outrageously big and shown that dreams really can come true, if you believe enough.  Yes, okay, life isn't always easy, but if it was, well, damn, we'd probably all be done right now and what would be left to learn.  It can be a hard slog and sometimes it feels overwhelming, but if you can keep strong and get through the tough times, I truly believe you'll find it's worth it.

Think of all the times your heart sang out.  All the times you cried with joy.  All the times you laughed so hard your stomach hurt.  Ultimately, weren't they worth the salty tears and the sleepless nights and in fairness, how could you ever truly know how great those moments really were, if you didn't have the dark times to compare them against.  It's in those brutal, broken states, that we come to appreciate the good and recognise how getting through them, made us see just how capable we are and how much we're able to achieve, when we only have the courage to persevere.

I for one don't want to blend in.  I don't want a routine.  I don't want my life to be beige.  To be bland.  My wardrobe may be monochrome, but my heart is technicolor!  I openly and actively allow myself to dream big, because I genuinely believe in my ability to make those crazy ideas come true, regardless of how unrealistic they may seem.  There's a little individual sparkle in each and every one of us, we just need to learn to let that fleck of light shine out and not allow it to be dimmed by other people's opposing opinions, beliefs or views and most importantly, not by our own doubts and insecurities!  If ever there was a time to let your freak flag fly, now would be it!  So please, take courage, 'cause where you're going, you're gonna need it!

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