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Does anyone else find that time just seems to fly right by at great speeds these days?  Or is this just me?  I can't keep up!  One minute it's February and the next, it's October!  Suddenly we've got a matter of weeks until Christmas and just over two months until an entirely new year begins.  It's almost surreal and also somewhat horrifying.  I mean, a lot has occurred over the past year and yet, sometimes it feels like nothing much has happened at all.

I look around and everyone seems to be progressing, finally moving into new phases of their lives and whilst I recognise that I too am doing the same, sometimes I feel impatient to see the change actually manifest.  Especially as winter is one of those seasons that tends to throw me into a deeply reflective, often dark place.  The anniversary of my dad's death in the early part of November, followed by the culmination of yet another year, another chapter's end and for all the hope and anticipation one cannot shake, in terms of the new year ahead, there is always the risk of subtle disappointment come January.

Right now, more than anything, all I really want to do is lace up my pointe shoes, pop on some music and pirouette gleefully around the room, eventually falling into bed at the end of the evening, with something good to read.  I miss reading.  I feel that I never have the time to indulge in it anymore, because I am always writing and sometimes, in all honesty, I grow sick of my own words.  For now however, I suppose I will simply have to deal with my impatience and persevere on.  One day I will spin again, until that time, I will enjoy the peace of France and its offerings of freshly baked baguettes and beautiful blue skies, with the nearness of someone I love.

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