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Nearly four whole weeks have passed since I took a flight from England to France and now, I have just this weekend left, before I finally fly home to Berlin on Monday!  Sometimes, I honestly don't know where the time goes, I really don't!  This past year has really flown right by and yet, at the same time, January seems like forever ago!  Heck, even June seems like a lifetime ago!

I've really enjoyed the break though; seeing my friends, mère and Mr Pig.  Although, admittedly, I am now a fair few pounds heavier from all the bread eating, pastry baking and hibernating indoors in front of the fire, reading Vogue and various books.  Perhaps it's a good time to be heading home and getting back to my yoga classes, even though the thought of the looming Berlin winter fills me with dread.  I am definitely not a winter baby, at all!  In fact, nothing makes me more sleepy and miserable than watching the light fade during the afternoon.  Bring on spring, that's what I say!

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