{Insightful Sunday} Worry less, dream more.

There are times when I have to ask myself - what happens if it doesn't work out?  What if everything I needed, was everything I had?  Worse of all, what if, to some extent, I never get it back?  Seems kind of easy for those thoughts to get out of hand though.  Sometimes taking over entirely.  Nothing I hate more, than spiraling out of control; going from a perfectly happy, balanced place, to one of distinct desolation, but how easy it can be to lose sight of the truth, when our fears are distracting us.

I have to perpetually keep myself in check.  Recognise early on, when I'm beginning to tumble down that slippery slope, towards total disillusion.  Because, if I don't, I tend to reach the point, whereby I can't differentiate between what is a real threat and what is merely a figment of my imagination.

I think that's often the problem though - we spend our lives fantasising about certain situations and then, before they've even had the opportunity to come to fruition, we fear their demise.  It's a fear that grows and grows, until it has reached an unrecognisable and ultimately, irrational dimension.  Therefore leaving us in a state of perennial fear of something, that has not only yet to happen, but that may in fact never occur at all.

What a peculiar species we are, choosing to live in such a needless state of panic at times.  Personally, I find it quite tiring.  Quite tiring indeed.

Whilst admittedly, I may not be entirely cured of this horrendous human affliction, I am however, at least aware of it and I always say, it's better to be aware than ignorant.  So I shall stay in my little bubble for a while longer, dreaming up scenarios, but I'll be sure to stop short of worrying about the imaginary possible pitfalls, because if I use up all my energy worrying about what has yet to happen, I'll never have the energy to deal with what has.

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