A spring in my step.

This week, my lovely friend Kate, came down from Chabanais to St Pancrace, to pay me a much welcome visit.  It's been over a month since I left her place, to come here to the horse sanctuary & in that time, she has been on vacation to England & celebrated her birthday.

To mark the occasion, I made a scrummy vegan friendly carrot cake & upon her arrival, I bestowed upon her, a Paris print lavender filled heart, which I'd had custom made by, my other bestest, Charlotte.  After a nibble of cake & a catch up, the pair of us took a trip into Brantôme, for a spot of lunch at this cute little place called Pause, before taking a stroll around town, popping into a few of the shops.

One of the places we frequented, was a vintage store, tucked away in one of the caves.  It had a funky smell, but awesome vintage postcards.  I think I am a little obsessed with vintage postcards at the moment.  I found a great stash in Florence, at a flea market & managed to stick to purchasing just the one, as I am inclined to go crazy & bulk buy.  Kate kindly bought one for me & one for herself.  Mine has a colourful picture of Nice on the front & was sent to someone in Paris, in 1933.  It shall take pride of place in my bedroom one day.

Overall, it was a lovely afternoon.  I like that I can be in France & have friends that live in the same country.  I don't miss England at all anymore.  When I first arrived in Italy, I really missed England a lot.  Mainly the food.  Italians don't do burgers & shakes.  But now, it's been so long since I've lived in the UK (eight months), that I really don't miss it at all.  Plus, now that I've found a blender, I have shakes for breakfast every day!

I think it's safe to say, I've finally adapted to the European way of life.  Especially the warmth.  It's been twenty seven degrees here!  Oooh, I just cannot wait for bare legs & tanned flesh.  Summer, I'm waiting for you!

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