Berlin Dreamin'


I have now been in France for nearly two months!  The time has just flown right by, it honestly has.  I never really had much of a plan after Italy, so I've kind of just been seeing where the breeze takes me & thus far, it's taken me to some pretty nice places.

To start with, I went from a wet & miserable Milan, to a gloriously warm & sunny Nice, which was so worth the hideous journey it took to get there.  My day trip to Monaco, was the icing on the cake.  Finally being able to wear a T-shirt & feel the warmth on my skin again, it felt as though it were the middle of summer.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated the change in climate.

Leaving the south, to spend time over in the west with friends, was such a nice break.  Although the weather was a bit hit & miss, just being able to stop & not have to constantly be thinking about where I was off to next, was a real relief.  Traveling is wonderful, it really is, being able to explore the world, meet new people, see new things, but sometimes, you just need a timeout.  Recharge your batteries, before heading on again.

Finally having ended up here, in St Pancrace, at the Brantôme Police Horses, with wonderful people, who have been so kind & generous, has been a wonderful experience.  Whilst there will always be so much in need of doing here & I could easily stay forever, I feel as though I need to stretch my wings & take flight for new ground.

Despite the logical part of my brain telling me I should be off to somewhere entirely new, I have decided instead to return to Berlin, simply because my heart has a yearning to be there.  If I have learnt anything lately, it is simply to follow your heart, not your head.  Logical decisions may look great on paper, but unfortunately have a tendency to leave the soul a little empty, whereas anything done from the heart, is more inclined to render nourishing results.

Therefore, at the end of the month, I shall pack up my meager possessions & aim to reach Berlin in time for the Labor Day celebrations, occurring in Kreuzberg.  After which, I shall attempt to find affordable accommodation for the month & proceed to spend May cycling round parks, grazing through flea markets, abusing all the photobooths, shuffling round museums, hanging out with friends & most importantly of all, finding myself a hip bearded skinny jean wearing brown-eyed husband!

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