{Insightful Sunday} - Feel the fear & do it anyway.

Today would be my dad's birthday.  This will be the fifth one without him.  I think about him everyday, but more so lately, in the sense, that I think of where I am in my life now, how far I've come, what I have achieved & I wonder if he'd be proud of me.  I'd like to think he would be.

During a recent conversation with a friend, I discussed my dad's death & the subject of mortality.  Personally, I think we should be more aware & accepting of life's natural cycle.  Perhaps if we did, we'd be more inclined to do more, see more, feel more.  Stop wasting time & realise how precious these moments, this moment, right now, really is.  You're never going to have this time again.

There are many dreams floating around the head space of daydreamers (including myself).  Dreams of running away to distant places, dreams of happy ever afters, dreams of making something happen.  I think it's important to dream, my worry is, how many people lay in the haze of their dreams, unconfident  in their abilities to turn those virtual images into real ones.

I think most people have the fear block.  They've had it pummeled into them, by other disbelieving, unconfident people, that their dreams are just that, fantasy bubbles inside their brains.  Destined to reside in the crevices forever more.  How do you have the confidence to stride into the unknown, when everyone around you has told you there's danger beyond the walls to the kingdom.

I started to listen to those whispers after my dad died.  He'd always encouraged my wanderlust.  Always lived by the belief that anything was possible.  When you lose your main supporter, sometimes it's easy to wane.  Thankfully I still have mère, she pushes me off life's cliff edges & forces me to fly.  Don't get me wrong, it's terrifying at times, especially when I begin to plummet to the ground, but, I always find my wings, usually just before becoming road kill.

It is so important to have people around you that support you.  That encourage you.  That believe in your abilities to make shit happen.  Because, let's face it, even the most avid believer, the most confident of souls, can fall apart in a moment of self-doubt.  It's in those moments that other people's fear mongering creeps in & creates cracks in your foundation.  Those people are the one's who need to see you soar the most, to see that actually, the seemingly impossible, is possible after all.

Have a little confidence in yourself.  Have a little courage to believe in your dreams, whether they're small or colossal.  You're living in a world of vast opportunities, where anything is possible.  People once thought the world was flat, they laughed at the idea of space travel...There is always room to dream!

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