Ciao ragazzi!


After three months away, I am back in Italia, soaking up the sun in Roma.  It feels good to be back.  Although I am here for work, it feels strangely more like a vacation.  The weather is sublime, with temperatures near to thirty degrees & today, I have been strolling around town, taking in the atmosphere.  Whilst my time in Italia overall, has shown me I don't wish to settle in the country, I really do enjoy my visits & spending time here.

I've actually really missed the language, the rolling 'r's & the avid hand gestures.  Whilst cycling through the streets of Berlin, I am constantly shouting 'che fai!' at people in my head, as I continually swerve round cars & people who seem to feel the need to get in my way.  It's nice to be able to practice & improve my Italian.  In fact, today, I had a few people come up to me asking me in Italian for information about the metro.  I think it's the tan, they don't think I'm English, although, I'm not convinced they think I'm Italian either.  I've started to be able to respond nearly entirely in Italian, although, I always start with "parlo solo un po d'Italiano."  Perhaps by the end of the month I shall have etched a little closer to fluency.

One thing I have not missed, is the excessive amount of food Italians eat.  On my first day back in the country, we had a two course lunch, consisting of pasta & then a light salad.  The same evening, we had a three course dinner, with the inclusion of pasta & salad once again, followed by pizza & ending with fruit & sorbet.  I was in pain.  Pasta & I are not the best of friends & I have since avoided its consumption & stuck to eating only the salad & fruit on offer.  I'd forgotten how late meal times were here too.  I've never understood the point of eating so late & then going to bed on a full stomach.

Equally, I have never understood the Italian obsession with disposable cups & plates.  If you are Italian & you happen to invite some friends round for dinner, you immediately pop down to the supermercato & pick up the disposables & shun the hoard of perfectly fine crockery in your cupboard, which seemingly never gets used.  Has this nation not clocked onto the financial & environmental pitfall of this love of plastic yet?  It seems not.

What I do love about Italians however, is their love of the sun.  As a summer baby & a Leo, I am never happier than when I am in full corpse pose, soaking up the heat & watching my naturally porcelain skin darken to a golden shade.  As I arrived in Italy on a bank holiday weekend, we took a trip to a lake, just north of the city & spent the day sunbathing & floating round the water in a pedalo.  It was blissful & I am now a rich shade of mahogany.

I have to say, that recently, I have started to feel more human again.  More myself to be precise.  Finally appreciating more & worrying less.  What did worrying ever achieve in any case, bar frown lines.  Today, as I sat outside the Pantheon, people watching & soaking up the sun, I nearly cried with the overwhelming feeling of gratitude I feel inside, that this is my life right now & how fortunate I am that this is the case.  Bellissima! 

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