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Looking back at my snaps from the week, it seems as though the past seven days have mainly consisted of food.  Which, considering the meltdown I was having, it doesn't surprise me.  Food is definitely my comfort blanket when I'm down.  I 100% eat my feelings!  Sunday started it, with someone deciding to steal my bicycle seat, which lead to me walking to TassenKuchen, in Wedding, for a delicious, but not comforting enough, mandarin cupcake & a giant chocolate chip cookie.

My mood worsening as the days went on, I stopped by a bratwurst bar on my way home from yoga one day & indulged in a tofu version, whilst I sat grumpily on a bench outside.  Things quickly declined into a pack of vegan friendly Percy Pigs, a fair few bars of chocolate & maybe an illicit can of Coke.  Safe to say, my emotions were running high!

Thankfully, by the end of the week, I'd pulled it together, cheered myself up with a combination of washi tape & vintage postcards, was back to clean eating & generally feeling my positive, kick-ass self again.  All greatly helped of course by the return of my Berlin best, Katie, who has been away with work in England for much too long!

New week, new moon, new upbeat positive attitude!  Let's do this!

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