Re-entering the atmosphere.

Well, one month in Rome sure went by quickly.  It truly felt more like a fortnight & now, I am back in my adoptive home; Berlin.  Back to yoga six days a week, cycling round town on Samuel, my beaten up BMX & back to eating clean, non-processed, organic food.  Let's face it, pasta & I were never going to be friends.

Since Mercury went retrograde a week into my arrival in Italy, I went from skipping about the place hyped up on the heat, feeling gratitude vibrating through my core, to feeling foggy, over-whelmed & generally unmotivated.  I won't lie, it was a hard time, but it truly forced me to stop, take stock & re-evaluate some things.

Before I left England, last July, I truly didn't know what it was that I wanted to do with my life, what direction I wanted to head in.  I felt lost in my indecisiveness.  If I hadn't been pushed into flying the nest, I can't deny that I wouldn't have coasted for another few years into my thirties & then just fallen into a depressive coma & maybe given up trying altogether.

Thankfully, circumstances being what they were, I was pushed, with great force, into the big wide world & the safety net I so often clung to, was ripped out from under me.  It left me with a 'do or die' mentality & that's something I'm still thankful for today.

Now, as I enter into my twelfth month of traveling, I'm able to look back & see how this time away has really helped to reconnect me to myself & realigned my thought process.  In some ways, I've gone full circle in the past ten years.  Whilst I have always been the overly conscientious person I am today, it's fair to say, life took me on a rugged detour along the way, whereby I somewhat lost sense of myself & my morals at times.

Do I regret anything?  No.  Sometimes, you have the knowledge, but unless you've actually lived your truths, they're just ideals inside your mind.  Sometimes you need that life experience, in order to really know that what you believe is the right thing for you & right now, I have a stronger hold on my beliefs & my truths than ever before.

Better still, my time back in Italy really grounded me & forced me to pinpoint exactly what my purpose & direction is & now that I'm back in Berlin, with everything planetary shifting forward again, it is the perfect time to have that vision in sight & 'make shit happen.'  In fact, there has never been a better time to stop doing what no longer serves you & start doing solely that which makes you feel better.  That which drives you & nourishes you. 

This article by Lena Stevens, on one of my favourite websites; Mystic Mamma, about the upcoming changes set to hit us all in July, was so accurate for me right now, that I was actually reduced to tears.  If you have the time, or the inclination, you may want to pop along & read it.

Now is the time for the dreamers of this world, to turn their visions into reality.  Now, people, now.

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