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Last week felt like I'd somewhat taken a little vacation from 'reality' after leaving the comfort of Prenzlauer Berg to head over the bridge to Kreuzberg, for a short stop over, before taking up temporary residence here in Neukölln.

In that classic case of be careful what you wish for, it turned out that being within walking distance of yoga, wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be & with Katie away on vacation in England the same week, there was no real reason to leave the neighbourhood, so poor Samuel, my beloved bicycle, was left locked up in the downstairs hallway for the entire week.  It's surprising the difference it makes, just a few days without the endorphin boost of a good power cycle.  I ended up doing back-to-back yoga sessions most days, just to fill the void!  Although, the benefit to this is, I have now discovered the joys of a good vinyasa workout, followed by a relaxing evening yin stretch.

After two months of moving around Berlin, I finally decided to throw all my eggs into one basket & use what was left of my pitiful bank balance, to rent a room over in Neukölln for the last few weeks of August.  It's a huge, light, bright, airy room, that's hopefully going to give me enough space & time to concentrate on my work, which is suffering of late, from all the floor hopping.

A life lived out of a suitcase can get awfully tiresome at times & I for one am so incredibly ready to finally unpack for good!  Just the thought of a well stocked kitchen, clean sheets on my own bed, squishy blankets, lit candles, good books, old films, snuggles with Pig & no more worries about where I will be next week.  That would be such bliss!  I guess we'll just have to see...

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