{Insightful Sunday} Self-Belief

There can be a very fine line between self-confidence & arrogance.  Trying to manage the perception of the former, so as to avoid appearing to be the latter, can often prove difficult, especially when you have invested a lot of that confidence & self-belief into something others simply either don't understand, or can't see to be viable.

Often in life, we fail to aim for the things that our heart desires, because we are surrounded by people who tell us that we are being unrealistic, either in our approach, or our goal.  They perceive that what we intend to achieve is nothing short of impossible, impractical or overly optimistic.  They are the naysayers & the fearmongers, who like to hold us back, so as to keep themselves content, in their own state of lacking.

Sometimes it's important to separate yourself from others, allow yourself to be in your own company & ask 'am I being unrealistic.'  If when asked the question, you feel a gentle, but distinctive, buzz of excitement in your gut, that feeds your desire to prove those who would doubt you wrong, then the answer is no.  It is that very grumble of energy that lets you know, you're on the right path.  As difficult & unrealistic as it may sometimes appear.

Believing in yourself is one of the key elements to succeeding in anything.  No one can see your dream as you do.  Even if you were to describe it, down to the minute detail, you would find that others conjure up different visions to your own.  It's also important to recognise, that everyone is on their own journey, having reached where they are by varying paths.

These different experiences are what individually feed us & our drive for something, but equally so, it can be those same differences that pull each other's ideas & dreams apart.  We must remember that each of us reach our destination via different methods & routes & to respect & accept those differences, we help to encourage other's objectives & aspirations, instead of tainting them with criticism, based from our own experience.

There is not one solution to every problem.  There is not one road to every destination.  Our journey is as individual as we are & we should remember that when faced with opposition.  Remember, if you don't believe in yourself & your direction, then it's likely that others will doubt as well.  This is not to say that it is easy, especially should you choose to set yourself up with a seemingly impossible task, however, it is that same self-belief that fires up your dogged determination, which in turn is what picks you up & pushes you on, when everyone is telling you to give up & life itself is throwing you a curve ball or two.

Of course, self-belief comes with confidence & if you are meek & timid & find yourself unable to speak up, you will most likely be lacking in it.  There will no doubt be that grumble hiding deep inside yourself, but where is the confidence to let it out.  It needs to be fed by your belief in its ability to turn from a simple grumble, into a seismic roar.  You may be afraid that you're unable to be as ferocious as you need to be, but believe me, your fear itself is the only thing to be afraid of here.

When you want something enough, when it's all that fills your mind & excites your soul, then you must trust that you are capable of achieving it.  You must believe in your ability to create that which you see in your mind.  You must have the confidence to stand against the people who will doubt you & know that you can prove them wrong.  Don't waste another second doubting what you already know to be true.  Believe in yourself & the rest will happen.

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