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Well, it's clearly been a week for florals.  That's for sure.  The sun's been shining here in Berlin & with the temperatures still up on a daily basis & sweating it out at yoga six days a week, it's been nothing but bare face & yogi pants all week.

Last weekend, I experienced a collective dream evening at Yellow Yoga, courtesy of Katie, who gifted the experience to me for my birthday.  The pair of us arrived over an hour late, due to my inability to be organised, did an hour of yoga, thirty minutes of meditation, consumed a delicious vegan pumpkin soup for dinner & then slept on the floor with about ten other yogis.  Casual Saturday night activity.

We were woken up three times throughout the night, so that we could write down our dreams & then in the morning, super sleepy, we did some warm up exercises & then proceeded to sit in a circle & discuss what we'd dreamt, to see if there was any correlation, whilst someone illustrated the visions on our backs.

After which, we all strolled to the park for a yummy vegan breakfast picnic under the sun.  It was a pretty weird but awesome experience & as someone who is well known for her prolific dreaming, I did of course deliver in having intense & crazy dreams throughout the night.

This week saw the release of the fourth issue of the great Margate based, online publication, Brink Magazine, which I was really happy to be asked to contribute to.  I wrote a personal piece for the issue, reflecting on the joys of traveling, which fitted in with the issue's theme of freedom from conformity.  Something I am always keen to encourage.  Take some time to check it out, as well as Brink's back issues, which are all well worth a read.

Midweek, I managed to finally take a visit to Veganz, the all vegan supermarket in Prenzlauer Berg, where I had to restrain myself from over-indulging in just about everything.  I did leave with my favourite Booja Booja ice cream, a naughty vegan snickers bar, an insanely yummy tub of CoYo & a slightly disappointing carton of Rebel Kitchen's coconut & banana milk.  All of which I consumed in two days.  No restraint whatsoever.

It's safe to say that Berlin for me just blossoms into my idea of heaven more & more each day & with mère emailing me pictures of Mr Pig, I am more determined than ever to get sorted & settled with an apartment, so we can finally be reunited here in the city.  Strolling around town with my Pig would be the ultimate in dreaminess right now.  {swoon}

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