I am here and this is now.

The Indian Summer we appear to be experiencing, here in Berlin, is throwing me off balance somewhat.  August had been unusually chilly, invoking a bubbling feeling of excitement, in the anticipation of Autumn's approach.  I had adjusted accordingly, both emotionally and sartorially; embracing thick sweaters and wide brimmed hats, that shielded me from the spontaneous bursts of light rain and filling my wandering mind with images of leaf kicking, on long walks in the park with Pig and cosying up in blankets, reading old books, whilst sipping hot chocolate, after baking comforting and indulgent cakes, as jazz softly played in the background.

Now, I write these words from a bench, nestled in the quiet rose garden off Kastanienallee.  My eyes squinting in the sunlight and my legs burning from the heat, repentant for my decision to remain faithful to my love of skinny black jeans.  I am at least wearing sandals.  The same simple, black leather sandals bought back in May, which have encased my feet every day since.  My feet feel a little swollen and the chipped polish on my toes says it's time for a pedicure.

It's moments like this, that require an attitude of gratitude.  I have often wasted many days such as these, wishing for others.  Today is a day for acceptance.  I appreciate that I am in a position to sit and soak up the sun.  No pressures weigh upon my back.  No restraints to bind me.  This day is all mine.  I accept and acknowledge that it will not always be like this.  Something I would do well to remember.

One day, perhaps not far from now, there will be routine.  A schedule.  Deadlines.  Time restraints.  One day there will come obligations and ties.  For now at least, there is only me.  There is only now.  So, I will sit in the sun and read and simply choose to embrace the moment.

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