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This past week has seen my happiness levels sky rocket and all I can say is, thank fudge for that!  After last week's heartache over the Rabbi and more sleepless nights than I can count, I was starting to despair a little.  Yet, somehow and somewhere, between the tears and the naps, I found this beaming light of positivity, that just radiated all over my body.  I can't even remember what started it!

I just decided one day, enough is enough.  There is a time for grieving, I should know, but it does not do to dwell on the past for too long.  Hence, I made a conscious decision to get up and get out and absorb some of the sunshine on offer at the moment.  Taking sleepy strolls around the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, I photographed every little thing I saw, that made me smile.  You'd be surprised at how much you come across on an hour's walk!  Smiley signs, colourful graffiti, vintage vinyls donated to the curb.  Little things that somehow make the difference.

On Thursday, I packed up my bag once again and hauled it onto the dreaded U-Bahn, to move back over to Neukölln for a week.  Being a vagabond wasn't such a hardship when I was moving from country to country, it was just part of the deal.  However, now that I've committed to one place, I will admit that this bohemian lifestyle is getting ever so slightly tiresome.  Oh to have an apartment all of my own, just myself and Mr Pig.  To be able to whip my clothes off when I felt the compulsion and dance around in a balletic fashion, to the tone of the Rat Pack.  Patience, patience, I must have patience.

I do feel happy though, despite the persistence of my insomnia and my longing for the Rabbi's company.  These past few days, I have experienced these unexpected waves of love, wash serenely over me.  Completely out of nowhere, I suddenly feel confident again and at ease, with life, with my body and even with my mind.  In all honesty, it's a sensation that I've not entirely felt for a long long time and I have to say, I am pleased to be feeling it once again.  Maybe it's the sunlight.  Maybe it's the extra chunks of chocolate.  Maybe it's my yogi porridge in the morning.  I really couldn't say, but I'm not questioning it, I'm not analysing it and God forbid I not appreciate it!

So, my dear friends, here is to a peaceful and happy weekend, for all of us!
Tomorrow, I will be attempting to get up early enough for Markthalle Neun's Sunday Breakfast Market!  We'll see how that goes...Have you anything glorious planned for Sunday? 

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