The Winter of My Life

This is the winter of my life.
Cold and bitter.
My face hardened by the icy gales.
The once colourful blooms, which lined my path,
now gone, leaving withered petals laying at my feet.
And so too are you, vacant from my world.
Your smile forever engrained in my memory,
your voice still whispering in my ear.
If only you would return to me.
Perhaps you would,
if you knew how greatly your absence affected me.

Like the summer's sun,
the warmth disappeared along with your embrace.
Leaving a chill that nestled deep within my bones.
No sweater thick enough to keep me warm.
No sight sweet enough to make my now empty heart sing,
like it once did.
The bleakness of this city's skyline,
perfectly mimics the current dullness of my spirit.
If you would only choose to return,
it would surely be the heralding of spring.
The sun would shine again and I,
I would feel content,
in the warmth of your embrace.

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