{Insightful Sunday} Change

Change. Just as we must accept the seasons which come to pass, so too must we accept, that the only thing we can rely upon is that everything in our life will at some point change. Every sad moment will see a happy one, every success a failure. This is the great evolutionary impermanence, that we all must come to recognise and accept. For once we accept it, we can learn to let go of our attachment and begin to move with it, rather than continue to force our will upon it, in a naïve attempt at keeping things as they were.

At times, we are unhappy, or unsatisfied, but we lack the courage to make a change, because to do so, would surely incur upheaval, chaos, a break in our foundations. Sometimes we choose to do nothing, simply because, whilst we accept that things could be better, we do not wish to suffer the tension of getting there. Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, breaking free from that which we have come to know, to step out into the great and terrifying unknown. All risk. No guarantees. A lot of people would rather stay in the comfort of their own misery, than risk the challenge of being happy.

However, this is a great time of change for everyone. The next few months will see great transformations in all our lives. However, whilst these will be positive changes, we must accept that with every change comes a period of adjustment and a knee jerk reaction to resist. Growing, changing, evolving, it is not without its discomfort, but it is necessary. Sometimes, the most drastic of changes, can be horrendously shocking, but downright necessary. Sometimes it's a choice, sometimes it's thrust upon us. In either case, it is what pushes us towards our true selves. Away from the bullshit we so fiercely cling to.

As you start to recognise the fluidity of life, the constant evolvement, you start to let go of your attachment and begin to focus on the here and the now. What was once before is gone and what you are feeling, expressing and witnessing right at this present moment, will be all but a memory by tomorrow. It's time to shake things up. Time to do whatever the hell feels right, right now, because tomorrow...well, that's going to be a whole different story. You might have made plans, but be prepared for the fact that life has a set of its own and they might not be what you had in mind.

By the time we step into 2015, I can guarantee that the majority of you, if not all, will have gone through a transformation of sorts, whether it's a subtle one, or entirely life changing. We're shedding our old ideals. We're finally becoming ourselves. We'll start doing what feels right, not what we're constantly being told we should be doing. Yes, sadly this means things are about to get rocky. The road won't necessarily be smooth, but once we're on the other side, well, we'll be grateful we carried on, especially when at times, we most likely felt as though we wanted to step off the path altogether.

Things will come up. We'll spot signs. Synchronicity. We'll know things, yet be unable to know quite how or why. Situations will arise, whereby previously we would have failed to react and now, suddenly, we're sensing a strong internal gut reaction and acting upon it. People will be shocked. They won't understand. We're not acting the same. We've changed and yes, we will have changed. We are who we are and it's time to start expressing that. Time to stop being afraid of our own shadow. Time to walk out into the dark, in search of the light.

We'll crap our pants in fear of what's out there, but trust me, as daunting as it is, the only thing nestled in the crevices are what we choose to put there. Spread the seed of positivity and only weeds of happiness will grow. Change is inevitable. Change is coming. A new era is dawning and whatever you had in mind, let me tell you, it's time to let it go and learn to simply embrace what arises. Adapt, work with what you're given, because ultimately, you're only given what you need. If you were looking for a good time to do something, I can tell you that now is the time.

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