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I have been stuck indoors for the past few weeks, working tirelessly and unfortunately getting very little sleep and even less daylight exposure in the process.  It has truly been exhausting.  However, with certain things now done, my schedule is somewhat back to its usual relaxed state and so, I am slowly readjusting, or at least trying to.  My sleep cycle is still completely skewed however and so, mornings are becoming afternoons and the nights are far too long.

Late August was unexpectedly cold here in Berlin, which made me start to get a little excited for autumn.  I was finally able to embrace my chunky knit sweater and hide my messy tendrils under a wide brimmed hat.  Funny how the simplest of things can make you deliriously happy.  I think perhaps fall is becoming my favourite season.

I spent the last two weeks of August over in Neukölln, enjoying deep and meaningful conversations, with good company, over delicious food and taking evening strolls, getting to know the area a little better.  It was such a pleasure and with the cold setting in, I also cut down on the number of days I went to yoga, instead starting to do back-to-back classes a few times a week.  Beginning at seven in the evening, I would do ninety minutes of fast paced vinyasa, followed by ninety minutes of deep stretching yin.  A really nice combination which led me to feel super relaxed, as well as super achy.

Sadly late August also saw the disappearance of Samuel, my beloved bicycle.  Spaced out from three hours of yoga, I came out of class to find he'd simply vanished.  Not even a wheel was left to remember him by.  I hope he's being treated well, wherever he is.  I can't say I'm not devastated, because I am.  Mostly because I'd become very emotionally attached to him, we'd been through a lot together.  Overcoming my fear of cycling, his stolen seat, the flat tire incident.  I will miss our middle of the night rides across town.  Alas, all things happen for a reason and so, for now, I am simply walking everywhere until I find a replacement.

As of September, I am temporarily back across town in Prenzlauer Berg and it appears as though we are having an Indian summer here in Berlin.  After finally taking the time to venture outside this week, I couldn't believe how hot and sunny it was!  I have officially folded my sweater back up and have happily brought the T-shirts back out.

Embracing both the weather and a freed up schedule, I had the great pleasure yesterday, of meeting one of my lovely readers and fellow writers, Rose, who has recently moved to Berlin from England.  The pair of us went for delicious vegan cakes and shakes over at Chaostheorie (Lychener Straße 4, Prenzlauer Berg) and then afterwards, we treated ourselves to a refreshing mango sorbet each, from the local Eis bar.  The sun was shining and it literally felt like a summer's day!  Making new friends, eating sweet treats, soaking up the rays, this, I've decided, is what life is really all about.

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