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Is it just me, or are the weeks flying by like days?  I'm sure it was only Saturday a minute ago!  Although, having said that, January feels as though it has been the longest month.  I guess it always does though.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I mean, I'm really looking forward to Spring and of course Summer, more than you know, but at the same time, I can't help but feel conscious of how quickly time passes and I don't want to wish it away.  Not at all.  In fact, I'm trying to soak in every moment as much as is humanly possible.

Last week felt like such a blur of activity and thus, this week seemed quintessentially subdued by comparison.  In truth, I spent a large part of it gently going through the motions; eating, grocery shopping, film watching, doing yoga and of course, my favourite activity, sleeping!  It was a gentle and relaxing few days to myself, yet when a friend asked me what I'd done, answering 'not much really', admittedly made me feel a little self-conscious at first, but then I had to question why.  Because for me, the most important thing in life is simply to be happy and happiness of course, is a unique thing.  Everyone finds it in varying guises.

Personally, there are times when I am keen to be very social and then there are other times, when I simply prefer my solitude.  Then there are moments I find myself wanting to be active, followed by periods whereby I would rather be still.  I think these juxtapositions are most likely applicable to the majority of people and I believe that to appreciate and honour these differing moods, is both important and key to finding and maintaining happiness.  Because, if we're constantly attempting to adapt our behaviour, so that it can be deemed acceptable by others, then we'll never truly find acceptance with ourselves and it is that very acceptance, that creates a sense of harmony in our lives.  A feeling of which we need, in order to maintain our very happiness.

So, after spending a large part of the week silently ambling through the days, I found myself at Neue Heimat's Jazzy Berlin Jam Session on Friday night, drinking red wine (my first drink in eight months), listening to good music and chatting incessantly with friends.  Cue late night walks in the snow, rolling in at 4am and a Saturday, that's been heavily disguised as a Sunday.  I think it was a good end to a long month in fairness.  Roll on February, that's what I say!

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