{Tales from my Notebook} Vol.1

19th November 2014

Letting go is hard to do.  How can you turn your back on something that you know to be right?  Is it better to hurt now, or hurt later?  Can you realistically walk away when, despite the pain, your heart brings you back, again and again.

It's the devil's business, this thing called love.  A peculiar juxtaposition between pleasure and pain, suffering and elation, death and birth, grief and joy.  I feel it all with him and at times, I feel it all at once.

Whether to stay or go.  Accept things in their imperfect state, or fight for things to fit into a particular format.  Is it really I, who despite everything, is the one who needs to change and adapt?  Or am I simply heading for a fall, having learnt nothing at all.  How do I know?  How can I decipher the complexity of this very absurd code!  Perhaps only time will tell.

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