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So, there I was, mindlessly trawling through my Facebook homepage this afternoon and I suddenly stumbled across a friend's pictures of India and I thought, 'why am I not in India!?'  Then I really thought to myself, 'seriously, why aren't I in India!?  Or Bali?  Or anywhere else in the world for that matter!?'

Now, I don't want to start sounding schizophrenic, so please, bear with me here, but whilst on the one hand I do love living in Berlin - the lifestyle it has to offer, the general vibe of the place itself - I equally must admit to having a roaming heart that wishes to see and explore the world.  In fact, in all truth, it has been a lifelong struggle of mine, finding the balance between my nesting habits and my need to take flight.

However, living entirely out of a suitcase, for well over a year, without anywhere to call home was...well, both incredibly freeing but equally, in truth, very difficult at times and now that I've finally found a place I really like and that makes me feel at home, I want to be able to build a solid base for myself here.  Somewhere stable, that's rooted and comforting, that allows me to still be able to pack up that suitcase and flit off with abandon, but with the knowledge that I actually have somewhere to come back to, when I'm ready to return.

I think that's definitely been the balance that's been missing in my life, these past few years and I think 2015 just feels like the right time to address that.  So yes, I want you to know that I still love living here in Berlin and am desperately impatient in my desire to get my name cemented onto a lease as soon as is possible, but equally, I totally admit to having itchy feet and wanting nothing more, than to jump onto the nearest flight in search of some great adventure, in some far flung, yet to be explored territory!  However, for now, I guess I simply need to learn to calm myself and try to find a middle ground and just do what I can, with what I have, where I am.

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