Acknowledging your shadow side

Every moon cycle brings with it a powerful shift in emotions and consciousness and this month's Full Moon in Gemini is certainly no different.  Gemini itself is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and this Super Moon is forcing upon us the urge to purge.  It's asking that our words match our actions.  That our intentions be intentional.  It's no longer an option to stay silent when our truths demand to be heard.  However, the biggest lesson is to recognise what is truth and what is illusion.

The moon itself often symbolises that which is hidden.  Like an optical illusion, it appears to beam down brightly upon us night after night, in great illumination.  However in truth, it is merely being highlighted by the sun's glare.  And it is this very arrangement between the two planets that causes our view to be consistently one-sided.  For even when the moon appears to be fully lit, there is always one side immersed in darkness.

It is precisely this duality of light and dark that this Full Moon is asking us to acknowledge and accept within ourselves.  Just as Gemini itself is often depicted as twins, we too all have multiple sides.  Yet how, if at all, are we choosing to incorporate these variable aspects into our understanding of the whole.  We are, after all, multifaceted beings, capable of a range of emotions, yet it seems as though we are consistently confronted with emotional roadblocks that see us repress that which is deemed unpleasant or unnecessary to feel or express.

Only in the darkness can you see the stars.
— Martin Luther King Jr.

This constant, often unconscious, habitual self-editing is, simply put, a denial of self.  Of our whole self.  We have been preconditioned to believe that to be strong, we must never show weakness; To succeed we must never know failure; To be loved, we must never reveal our unlovable qualities.  Yet in reality, it is precisely the things we perpetually avoid, whether consciously or not, that we must finally acknowledge and confront, so that we may be able to incorporate them into the whole.  For when we are aware of our weaknesses, we know our strengths.  When we have experienced failure, we have the drive to succeed.  And when we have shown our most unlovable sides, we can open ourselves up to the truest expression of love, that which is unconditional.