Learning to embrace change

It's official, times are changing, the energy is shifting and I'm sorry to inform you, that checking out is no longer an option.  If you've been resisting this moment, this opportunity to transform, with all the avoidance tactics of a toddler avoiding nap time, then you're probably at present facing upheaval and inner turmoil. But fear not, as from the breaking comes the breakthroughs.

Yes, change brings with it unfamiliarity and we all know that the great unknown can be daunting, yet equally it often provides us with the opportunity for exciting possibilities that we could not have previously imagined.  It's perfectly okay if you don't feel as though you currently have all the answers, or know in which direction to turn, this is your challenge, to grow and maintain a sense of acceptance in your uncertainty.  Be willing to let go.  Like struggling to get a grasp on a word that lingers so precariously on the tip of your tongue, eluding you, you must be willing to let it come to you, in time.

Of course we must also acknowledge that time itself is of sorts an illusion.  The perception of which denoting its speed.  Rather than evolve out of our confinements, we have instead further reduced our experience down to variable structures, believing our lives to be limited, that each segment must bring about some kind of achievement in order to be valid or of worth.  This is a fallacy.  Life itself is ever-lasting.  This physical experience is solely that, an experience.  So what, pray tell, is it that you wish to experience.

What is it that you need.  What is it that you want.  What is it you can offer.  We all have something unique to give, yet we consistently conspire to conform, to reach the peak of someone else's expectations, often to the detriment of our own happiness and joy.  We follow the consensus blindly, stripping away our freedom, day by day, drowning out the cries of our instincts with consumerist highs and mind numbing televisual lows.  Alcohol, drugs, work, sex, a plentitude of distractions that we persistently pour ourselves into, so as to avoid confrontation of the self.

The more you resist the ride, the more aggressive it will be, so brace yourself, because it's time, it's time for change.