{Recipe} Millet Porridge

This time last year, having not long left Italy, I was back in France, living peacefully in the idyllic countryside.  After spending several months eating stodgy pasta at every mealtime, I'd sadly gained a hideous and somewhat uncomfortable amount of weight and was therefore full of good dietary intentions, including my commitment to being a vegan again and the deletion of processed foods from my life.

In fairness, these changes ended up being far easier to implement than I thought they would be, even living outside of Paris, where the word végétalien, seems to be a mythical word someone made up to confuse the French.  With the help of Pinterest, I managed to discover a plethora of recipes and links to great food blogs and websites, that offered up an array of amazing, super healthy, super delicious, simple vegan recipes.  Which, I thought at the time, would be nice and perhaps useful, to share on my own site, with other people who may be interested.  Hence, the {RECIPE} tag was started.

However, as with all good intentions, moving back to a city, unfortunately meant that some things soon seemed to fall by the wayside.  Like healthy clean eating, which somehow got a little fuzzy, in favour of trips to cute cafes, that served up delicious fatty slabs of cake and food trucks that sold burritos the size of small children, which left me with a smile on my face and then subsequently, three hours of soy related stomach cramps.

Anyway, I digress...A few weeks ago, a bearded vegan friend from yoga introduced me to millet.  Which, I'd kinda heard of, but never actually tried before.  He cooked it up with some lentils and sweet potato and a side serving of kale and I found that it was actually really tasty.  In fact, I liked it so much, that after lunch, we went straight out to the store and I bought a kilo of it!

What I like about it, besides the taste, is that it's gluten free, high in protein, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper and manganese and is super cheap to buy organically here in Berlin!  Unlike my previously favoured grain, quinoa, which is pretty expensive here, compared to the price back in England.

With a kind of fluffy texture, slightly akin to couscous, I personally love it cooked with half a stock cube and a sprinkle of turmeric and coriander, as the base of my Buddha bowls, but lately I've discovered the joys of turning it into porridge!

Now, as a Brit, porridge for me will always be a winter staple, but, as much as I love it, my stomach isn't as keen when it comes to the consumption of oats and whilst I've experimented with boxes of organic yogi porridge, made from ground tigernuts, to be honest, it just gets a little expensive after a while and the consistency isn't really the same.  So, I've been pretty happy to discover this entirely new version of porridge, which is making breakfast something worthy of getting up for!

So, as it's been a seemingly long amount of time, since I last shared anything food related and seeing as several people have recently inquired about these bowls of breakfast deliciousness, via my Instagram and Facebook page, I figured now was as good a time as any to share the very simple, very yummy, very healthy and very easy recipe!  Guten Appetit!

Simple Millet Porridge

  • Half a cup of millet
  • One cup of hazelnut milk (or other dairy/alternative milk)
  • One cup of water
  • A drizzle of honey (or agave/maple syrup)
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon

Combine all the ingredients together in a saucepan and bring to the boil, then reduce down to a simmer and cook for roughly 10-15 minutes, until the millet is soft and the majority of the liquid has been absorbed, depending on how runny or thick you like your porridge of course.

That's it!

Then it's just a case of choosing your toppings!  Personally, I opt for half a banana, cut up, with a sprinkle of both Chia and Hemp seeds over the top and a drizzle of either organic honey or agave syrup.  Some days though, I throw in a few squares of 60/70% dark chocolate into the pan, whilst it's still cooking, for a mildly indulgent cocoa version.  Let's face it though, when it comes to toppings, the combinations are endless!

Ultimately, for fifteen minutes wait, you end up with a really filling, super nutritious, totally delicious, gluten free breakfast, which I find to be a really good start to the day!

If you give it a try, let me know what you think and maybe share a snap on Instagram, using #ouijetaimeaussi as a hashtag, so that I can find you!  I'd love to know what you think and also what combinations/variations you go for!

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{RECIPE} Rhubarb & Strawberry Chia Jam Popsicles


I can't believe it's June already, I honestly don't know where the past six months have gone.  One minute I was celebrating Christmas with mère & Pig, on a short break back to England & the next, I am here in Rome, having been to Pisa, Florence, Venice, Verona, Milan, Nice, Monaco, Chabanais, Brantôme, Paris & Berlin on my way!  Phew!

The weather here in Rome is hot hot hot & I am loving it!  I finally get to wear my shorts & sandals on a daily basis, without the fear of being caught in the rain & my fleshy parts are gaining more & more colour with each day.  In order to mould my body into something I'm not ashamed to show in a bikini, I have been attempting to abstain from overeating & falling back into bad habits, such as my love of carbonated, enamel damaging, soft drinks & fat inducing daily gelati.  Instead, I have been filling up on snacks of fresh fruit & unsalted nuts, eating plenty of salads & making sure to stay hydrated, by drinking lots of H2O!

Something I am really keen to try out, is this delicious looking recipe from Elenore, over at one of my favourite sites; Earthsprout, for Rhubarb & Strawberry Chia Jam Popsicles!  Super healthy, relatively easy looking, vegan friendly & perfect for summer!  I love how she's added stripy paper straws too.  I'm a sucker for food that looks as good as it tastes!  I think I would definitely have to go with the raw chocolate drizzle on top, let's face it, my love for the dark stuff will never die!

I didn't know you could make jam using Chia seeds too!  I never usually eat jam, because, whilst I do enjoy the taste of it, it's just so packed full of sugar, but a Chia jam, sounds interesting & perhaps a little more guilt-free.  I love how Chia seeds are so versatile & I fully admit to having a mild obsession with them, having written about their merits before.  Mère posted a bag out to me in France, when I didn't seem to be able to locate any in the stores, however, that bag is now looking dangerously empty & soon I will have to scour Rome for some more.  They are very expensive in Berlin, so I am already wincing at the possible price tag here in Italy.

Besides the sweet treats, I enjoyed reading Elenore's post & her thoughts on how we, as humans, never entirely feel satiated.  I think there is a great deal of truth in that.  Though, as she says, if we channel our desires constructively, i.e. searching for growth through experiencing new cultures, new places, taking in new ideas & expanding our mindset, our capability to love, to share, even to feel, then that hunger can only be beneficial.

Ultimately, I think that's what I love about traveling.  The world is so vast, that when you put yourself into perspective, you are simply a grain of sand in a mile long beach.  There is so much that I have yet to see, so many things I have yet to encounter, to experience.  When I think of all the wonderful food there is to try, the many languages I have yet to master, the people I have still to meet, the possibilities are endless & almost unfathomable, but it's what keeps me going.  My desire to expand, to grow, to change, to absorb.

I think we all too easily get stuck into our routines & our own comfort zones, that getting off the sofa to go make that cup of tea seems like an effort, let alone finally taking that trip to Asia.  It's when we really push ourselves though, that we truly see how capable we are & how, ultimately, we are only stopped by the limits we place upon ourselves, because this world, as vast as it is, perhaps as scary as it can be from time to time, is full of opportunities, if we only reach out a little, to try to grab them.

What are you hungry for?

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{RECIPE} The Big Vegan Bowl

On Monday afternoon, I finally found the Yellow-Yoga centre, down in Kreuzberg & attended my first class - an hour & a half of fast paced vinyasa yoga, in a packed out room.  Down into plank, through cobra & back into downward facing dog.  Repeat three hundred times in quick succession & you get the idea.  It was intense, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Cycling the twenty minutes home uphill was a killer & when I got in, I felt the need to annihilate everything in the fridge.

Thankfully, I'd been grocery shopping at the Bio Market earlier in the day, so I was well equipped to handle my hunger in a healthy manner: brown rice, red onion, walnuts, chia seeds, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, asparagus, lettuce, an endless list of natural healthy ingredients.  I made a ridiculously mammoth salad & inhaled the lot.  I think that's what I like about exercising, it makes me want to eat healthily too.

When you've spent a few hours burning up energy, to the point of famish, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to something nourishing, guilt-free & fulfilling.  It's like an entire cycle of positivity.  I genuinely feel better within myself, knowing that I'm treating my body well.  Although, don't get me wrong, I'd still nibble on a brownie, or a chocolate bar, maybe a cake...

A website I really like at the moment, is Oh She Glows.  A brilliant recipe blog, that is 100% vegan, predominantly raw & unprocessed & best of all, entirely healthy.  I especially love Angela's simple recipe for The Big Vegan Bowl, which, quite frankly, after a leg burn of a cycle home, is my dream dinner.  Happy fat providing avocados, protein packed quinoa & hummous & my favourite, sweet potatoes, dishing out the vitamin A.  Whilst not the quickest of meals to throw together, it is thankfully very simple & one that I'll be trying, most likely, along with her recipe for Two-Layer Raw Chocolate Brownies.

Another site I'm loving right now, is Mind, Body, Green.  Packed full of endless articles, advice & guidance on healthy living & wellness, along with a few nice recipes.  I can easily get lost for hours reading through their posts.  I equally enjoy their daily quotes, such as this one:

Nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe parts of me, but who I am - and what I need - is something I have to find out myself.
— Chinua Achebe

Now that I'm fully pumped up on my yogic energy & clean diet, I have been making the effort to attend a class every day.  I did another vinyasa class on Tuesday & a somewhat disappointing kundalini class yesterday (far too much breathing for my liking).  Today, I think I'm going back for vinyasa again & tomorrow I think I will try my hand at jivamukti.  That's what I like about Yellow-Yoga, the plethora of choice.  I like the ability to mix it up a little.  It helps stave off any repetitive boredom.

Are you a yoga enthusiast?  What's your favourite style?

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