{REVIEW} Lavera Natural Cosmetics

At the end of 2013, having left Italy to pop back to England, in order to spend Christmas with my family, I made the decision to not only return to a complete vegan diet, but also to cut out the chemical laden products I had allowed to creep into my life.  It was time to start the cleanse.

When I think of the great deal of thought we put into what we feed ourselves, (proof of which can be found on every other Instagram account I see) making sure we're nutritionally balanced & eating well, it seems almost madness not to exert the same level of energy into what were putting on our bodies too!  Especially when you consider how much of what goes on our skin, seeps into our systems.

Of course, I can't deny that after a few years off the organic wagon & with nothing more than a savings account to live off, it took some time to readjust to parting with more money, for the same amount of product.  However, now, the idea of buying a cheap body wash, that's brightly hued & overly scented with toxic chemicals & smothering it over my delicate skin, makes me shudder.

Granted it can be easy to be lulled in by the bargains of cheap cosmetics & toiletries, but ultimately, these are the biggest false economies of all!  If you love your body enough to look after it through healthy eating & exercise, why wouldn't you love yourself enough to buy products that were packed full of natural goodness & kind to your skin.

Still not convinced?  How about looking at it from the perspective that the body you inhabit, is the only one you're gonna get & it's got to see you through.  There is never a better time than now to start treating it better, inside & out.  Your body works hard for you, it deserves the best, not just that cheap bottle of shampoo you grabbed in the supermarket, because it smelt nice & was on offer.

But before you start to have a mental meltdown over the impending cost of switching to greener products, let me introduce you to Lavera, a German natural cosmetics brand, that's chemical free, vegan friendly, kind to the environment & best of all, your wallet!  I decided to try out a selection of their products & I have to say, I have been greatly impressed!

The organic orange & green tea shampoo smells divine & lathers up well.  The one thing I've found with a lot of natural shampoos is that they don't lather up, making it difficult to spread the product around.  This on the other hand spreads perfectly & rinses out easily, leaving my hair feeling squeaky clean!

After rinsing off the shampoo, I pop on a blob of the organic mango & avocado conditioner & let it sink in, whilst I brush through my tangles.  It takes a little persistence to fully rinse out, but it leaves my hair feeling silky soft afterwards.  Both products get the thumbs up from me!

The organic coconut & vanilla moisturiser is my favourite pick of the range.  The smell is delicious & it's a good medium between a body milk & a thick butter.  It's helped immensely with keeping my Italian tan in tact & left my skin super soft.  This may have finally filled the hole, where Palmers Cocoa Butter once was.  Definitely a repeat buy!

Finally, I have been testing out their organic echinacea & propolis toothpaste, for sensitive teeth.  I have already mentioned before, how regular heavily chemical laden & fluoride based toothpastes tend to really hurt my teeth & gums.  This paste is very gentle, has a subtle taste & leaves my teeth clean & my breath fresh.  Simple.

If you're in Germany, you can pick Lavera's product range up in most chemists or bio markts, or if you're outside Germany, you can find them readily available online over at LoveLula, the online organic supermarket!

Have you tried Lavera?  What are your thoughts on natural cosmetics?

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{REVIEW} JĀSÖN Calming Lavender Deoderant Stick

On my quest to eradicate all unnatural, chemical laden products from my life, I have discovered a new deodorant, by the Californian brand JĀSÖN.

Founded in 1959, JĀSÖN's products are clinically tested, free from aluminium, parabens & other nasty chemicals & thankfully not in any way tested on animals.  Which makes them perfect for me, now that I'm back to shopping more consciously.

Having always been a fan of aerosol spray deodorants, after a disappointing experience or two with roll-ons, I was surprised by how much I liked their calming lavender deodorant stick.

The minute you pop off the cap, the intense smell of lavender hits your senses.  I like this stick because, unlike many other roll-ons, this one is not in any way sticky & doesn't leave you feeling like you need to dry out before getting dressed.  It's more like a moisturiser.  Goes on light & sinks in fast.

Having used this stick for over four months now, I've been really happy with it.  It's kept me feeling fresh & odour free.  There are five other scents in the range & I'm quite keen to try the apricot one next.

Now that I have been suitably impressed with their deodorant, I'm quite keen to try out the rest of their product range, which includes body lotions, dental care, hair care & more.

What's your favourite natural deodorant?

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{REVIEW} Vademecum Organic Whitening Toothpaste

Hurrah, the supermarché has come up trumps again!  This time, with an organic whitening toothpaste by Vademecum.

You see, I have a bit of an aversion to chemical laden toothpastes.  In the few years that I fell off the organic wagon, I ended up just buying any old tube of paste, whatever was the cheapest whitening one to be honest.  But then I started to notice my enamel was turning translucent & I was convinced my gums were receding, which was all quite concerning, considering my teeth had always been in quite good condition (not one filling I'm proud to report).  Hence I thought it best to return to using something a little more natural.

I've used plenty of natural toothpastes before but, I've found it quite difficult to get one that actively helps to whiten my teeth.  I don't smoke or drink tea or coffee, but I have spent a large number of years consuming high amounts of chocolate, especially dark & unfortunately, I think this has contributed to some staining.  My teeth are not the pearlescent white I would like them to be.  That is until I began to use this toothpaste.

I have to say, brushing with this paste morning & night, has made a noticeable difference to the colour of my teeth, they now seem far lighter.  I'm also impressed that you can buy this in the supermarché too, especially in France!  It makes me happy to see more organic & natural alternatives available.

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