Oh dark night, I taste sweet sorrow on my lips

It seems I have been kissed by the jagged edge of brokenness

And from its cuts, my blood runs clear

My joy long lost to the bitterness of fear

And now I hear the call of death knocking at my door

A raspy tapping I have heard many times before

It's apparent hope could only ever have been fleeting

For a heart that's long since stopped its beating


There's an emptiness that lingers
There's a pain that dwells inside
From all the heartache that you've suffered
From all the hurt you've tried to hide

But all those lessons that you've learnt
Wrapped in bitterness and tears
Are getting harder to accept
As your hope gets rattled by your fears

And with every failed endeavour
Heart always shattered in your hand
You grow more broken and alone
A torment you always fail to understand

If you could end it all you would
Pierce a bullet through your heart
You've more than suffered for your love
You deserve a brand new start



I love you but I'm leaving
As my heart begins to bleed
I love you but I'm tired
From all the gritting of my teeth
I love you and I'm sorry
I never wanted it to end
I love you but I'm broken
Bitter longings fill my head
I love you but it's over
You never fought for me to stay
I love you
But now there's nothing left to say




When you give someone too many chances

Brought on by a soft heart and too many glances

Across a room that was once full of hope

Now there's an echo from the words you've revoked

And all the calm that predated the storm

Got mislaid and exists somewhere, somewhat forlorn

And recovery seems a little farfetched

When you're still bleeding from the hole in your chest



I still hide you

I still hide you in my poetry
I still hide you in my words
I still frame you round the syllables
That I once softly spoke and you once heard
I'm still enslaved by your memory
Still in rapture at your smile
My heart still beats a little faster
With that gentle flicker of desire
I still catch your scent at times
It still lingers faintly in the air
I still greet you in my dreams most nights
Waking cold and clammy with despair
I still love you like I always have
But it's simply not the same
Now that love runs through my art
And no longer through my veins



I can see the sky is grieving

Your departure's gone and left it grey

And all the bitter rain that keeps on falling

Only serves to reflect the tears cried every day

The leaves have all turned ashen

Your absence rotted every one

It seems our summer's died a death

And our spring may never come




I broke myself
I broke myself again
but this time, there was no way to mend
all the pieces lay on the ground
all the fragments that could be found
bitter longings left behind
washed away by tears of mine
I am lost with no direction
stranded in the midst of my own creation
there was never hope for me
just a mirage of faux happy